The Morphologist

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"A go to for pads"

Paul White (Golden Rules, Danny Brown)

"It's such an inspiring instrument, I use it all the time"

Arni Arnason (The Vaccines)

  • 4 analogue synthesizers - the Yamaha CS10, Korg MS20, Kawai f100 and the Siel Cruise.
  • Recorded through a series of high end preamps and processing, JLM TG, Gyraf G9, API, Moog Ringmod.
  • 44 patches that can be combined freely but still a light footprint 1GB of samples.
  • Phaser and PRO53 low pass filter enables you to create truly unique and analogue sounding patches.
  • Rotor and volume LFO.


Note that a full version of Kontakt 5.6.6 is needed to run this instrument.